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  • Bilingualism
    • Economy
      • earn more money (5 to 20% more)
        • bilinguals in America earn $3,000 more per annum than their monolingual counterparts
      • more likely to be employed
      • bilingualism has boosted Switzerland’s GDP by 10%
    • Society
      • Child development
        • easier to pick up a second language at a young age
        • is it beneficial for children?
        • receptive bilingualism
      • Do bilingual people think/ interact differently?
      • dementia symptoms start later
        • Alzheimers has a lesser effect
      • Education
        • Discrimination in schools
        • Changes in teaching methods and how students are treated
    • Historically
      • it was frowned upon until recently (thought to slow development)
        • signalled poverty, made you stand out
        • 1926: “The use of a foreign language in the home is one of the chief factors in producing mental retardation as measured by intelligence tests.”
    • Focus Question
      • what does increasing bilingualism mean?
      • how useful is bilingualism?


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