Believing In God - Key Words

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  • Believing In God
    • Conversion
      • when your life is changed by giving yourself to God.
    • Numinous
      • the feeling you get when you are in a great cathedral or look up at the stars and feel there is something much greater than you.
    • Miracles
      • something that seems to break a law of science and makesyou think only God could have done it.
    • Prayer
      • an attempt to contact God, usually through words.
    • Agnosticism
      • not being sure whether God exists.
    • Atheism
      • believing that God does not exist.
    • Moral Evil
      • actions done by humans that cause suffering.
    • Natural Evil
      • things like earthquakes and floods that cause sufferingand have nothing to do with humans.
    • Omni - Benevolent
      • the belief that God is all good/ kind.
    • Omnipotent
      • the belief that God is all-powerful/ can do anything.
    • Omniscient
      • the belief that God knows everything that has happened and that is going to happen.
    • Free Will
      • the idea that human beings are free to make their ownchoices.


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