Looking for meaning

Mindmap about existence of God.

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  • Looking for meaning
    • Key words
      • Afterlife - human existence after death
      • Symbolism - where an item represents something else.  e.g the cross
      • God - ultimate and supreme being to whom worship is given
      • Awe - sense of wonder in relation to God's presence or God's creation.
      • Revelation - way in which God chooses to reveal God's nature to people.
      • Group of people who are joined together because they have something in common e.g church, school
    • Existence of God
      • Lots of people do n't  believe in God because they argue that there's no proof he exists. Theists are people who believe in God, Atheists are people who don't believe in God. Agnostics are people who are unsure of the existence of God.
    • Arguments for God
      • Must have been a first cause ,world can't have just been a coincidence.
      • Even if there was a Big Bang - somebody must have caused it.
      • Must be a creator, World is perfect so somebody must have designed it.
      • So many people believe in God.
      • Must be meaning and purpose to our life/
      • Can't prove there is a God, can't prove there isn't either.
      • Religion has been around for so many years, religion can't just be made up by a person.
    • Arguments against God
      • If he exists why does he allow there to be suffering in the world.
      • We can't prove there is a God
      • If there is one God why are there so many religions?
      • If he is so powerful why does he allow there to be evil in the world?
      • If some suffering is caused by free will - what about the natural causes that are not caused by humans? If there is a God why desn't he prevent natural disasters?


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