Behaviour of waves - P7

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  • Behaviour of waves
    • Refraction
      • When waves cross a boundary between one medium and another.
      • The frequency remains the same but there is a change in wavelength.
        • This leads to a change in wave speed, which leads to a change in direction.
    • Diffraction
      • When waves more through a narrow gap or past an obstacle, they spread out from the edges.
      • is most obvious when the...
        • size of the gap is similar to, or smaller than, the wavelength of the wave.
        • waves that pass the obstacles have long wavelengths.
    • Refraction of White Light
      • The colours that make up white light are refracted by different amounts as they pass through a prism
        • Violet light is refracted most
        • Red is refracted the least
      • The refraction occurs because the colours that make up white light have different frequencies and wavelengths


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