Battle of Thermopylae

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  • Battle of Thermopylae
    • Why did the Greeks chose to fight there?
      • Hellenic League formed to resist
        • archaeological evidence-serpent column
      • Spartan code
      • geography- narrow=few greeks can hold ersians superior numbers
      • 'greece was saved by Athens'
      • 'win or die'
      • 'not be able to use their superiority in numbers or cavalry'
    • Why were there so few Greeks and Spartans present?
      • ' intention that the sight of them might encourage the other allies to join'
      • 'Leonidas voted to stay'
      • 'it happened to be the time of the olympic games'
        • 'festival of Carnea'
      • '300 spartiates'
    • Why did Leonidas succeed for 2 days?
      • Xerxes found the Spartan preparation 'laughable'
      • 'experts against amateurs'
      • 'spears shorter than greeks'
      • 'three times he jumped out of his seat in fear for his army'
      • 'finest kingdom in Greece and the best men'
    • What happened in day 3?
      • Ephialtes betrays the Greeks by revealing the mountain path
      • Spartans came out to 'fight to the death'
      • Persians won the battle with a conscript army
      • 'gave no thought to their own survival'
      • 'trampled by their own men'


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