Battle of Plateau

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  • Battle of Plateau
    • Pre-Battle
      • the Persians have 100,000 and up
      • the greek army have 40,000 hoplites
      • greeks position on ridge overlooking plain-water=spring and food from plateau
      • persian cavalry destroys water supply and raids army and supplies
      • Stalemate
        • both are in good positions that disadvantage the other
        • persians would have had to charge cavalry up hill
    • The Battle
      • Athenians attacked by Persians-greek allies, Thebes
      • centre withdraw and do not participate in battle at all
      • greek army begins night retreat because supply lines are broken
      • 159 greeks died, only 3000 persians survived
      • spartans delayed withdrawal due to spartan code
      • Mardonius killed and persian line broken
      • mardonius and persian elite attack spartans


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