Barriers of Leisure

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  • Barriers
    • Economic Factors
      • Leisure is a luxury so if your disposable income is low after bills and essentials, you will not be able to afford much leisure
    • Equity and Diversity
      • Many sports are male dominated
      • Girls do not feel sufficiently confident to join (body image and self esteem issues)
      • Racism or religion may restrict what females are allowed to do
      • Certain sports may be restricted based on social class or income (e.g. water polo)
    • Choice
      • This means your leisure choices are restricted
        • Restrictions
          • Where you live
          • The quality and number of facilities close by
          • Transport available
    • Disability
      • Lack of strength, skills or confidence
      • More likely to participate in swimming in school (37%)
      • Lack of money
    • Lifestyle
      • What can prevent us from spending our time participating in leisure?
        • The amount of free time available
        • Family circumstances
        • Transport difficulties
        • Weight issues
        • Lack of aspiration or motivation
      • More than a third of UK workers have less than two hours of leisure time on a typical weekday
      • Men enjoy half an hour more leisure time than women every day


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