What are the barriers stopping people from doing more leisure?

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  • What are the barriers stopping people from doing more leisure?
    • Economic factors
      • Leisure is a luxury
      • If you have a low disposable income, you can't afford much leisure that involves fees.
      • 13.5 million people in the UK are living in poverty.
    • Choice
      • Choice means that your leisure choices are restricted by where you live, number of facilities or the quality of the facilities.
      • some places also have lack of public transport meaning people who don't have their own method of transport can take part in leisure as much.
    • Lifestyle
      • lifestyle factors means things like amount of free time, family circumstance (young children), weight issues etc.
      • Some people lack motivation or confidence.
    • Disability
      • If you have a disability, it can be very hard to participate in leisure.
      • Sports such as swimming and horse riding are popular for people with disabilities.
    • Equity and Diversity
      • Gender: many sports are male dominated
      • Ethnicity: racism may prevent joining in or religious restrictions may affect it.
      • Social Class: certain sports may be restricted only to those on higher social class e.g. polo


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