Baddeley 1966B study

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  • Baddeley 1966B study
    • Aim
      • To see the influence of acoustic and semantic word similarity on learning and recall in STM and LTM.
    • Procedure
      • Lab Experiment
        • Can establish cause and effect
        • Operationalised IV and DV
        • Sequential recall of acoustically similar and semantically similar words
      • Ppts
        • Male and Female - No gender differences in memory
          • Results can be generalised to all genders
        • From Cambridge Applied Psych Unit - Biased Sample, already had an understanding of psychology
      • Independent design
        • Split into 4 groups
          • 4 word lists
            • List C- Semantically similar
            • List B- Acoustically different
              • Control groups of A and C
            • List D- Semantically different
              • Control groups of A and C
            • List A- Acoustically similar
      • Words projected onto wall for three seconds
        • Had one minute to recall as many as possible in the correct sequence
          • STM test
          • 4 learning trials (rehearsal)
            • Maintenance then elaborative
            • Given a 15 minute interference task
              • Given a sudden test
                • LTM test
    • Results
      • Ppts found it difficult to recall acoustically similar words when in STM
      • Difficulty recalling semantically similar in LTM
    • Conclusion
      • LTM = Semantic encoding
      • STM = Acoustic encoding
    • Evaluation
      • Strengths
        • Lab Experiment
          • Could establish cause and effect
          • Highly controlled
            • Very reliable
        • Focused on one part of memory only
          • Simplifying brain processes
            • Made sure he was testing only what he wanted to test
      • Limitations
        • Artificial
          • Don't learn word lists everyday
          • Overuse of rehearsal
            • Lacks mundane realism
              • Don't learn word lists everyday
          • Lacks mundane realism
            • Lowers internal validity
            • Learning trials
              • Rehearsing more than would usually be done in everyday life
                • Overuse of rehearsal


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