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  • background to medea
    • Jason  is presented as a  typical Athenian man
      • civilized
        • rational
        • logical
        • think before you feel
        • self controlled
        • disciplined
        • retrained
        • unemotional
    • Jason was born rightful heir of the Argonauts thrown
      • but pelias sat upon is thrown as he was superior
      • pelias tries to get rid of Jason by sending him on a quest to find the golden fleece
      • sailed on the argo
    • they return and pelias is still king
      • medea wants jason to be king
    • she cant kill pelias her self or she will be kicked out to she plots to get  his daughters to do it for her
      • pelias is getting old
      • medea tells the daughters that she can show them a way that will make pelias young again
      • she gets a big pot and fills it with a potion
      • she gets a big ram and cuts him in to tiny pieces and throws him into the pot
      • she then adds to special herbs
      • then a new born lamb appears from the pot
    • medea doesn't give the daughters the magic leaves to they kill their father
      • daughters tell everyone what medea did and medea and jason are driven out
    • medea is not a greek so thier marriage is not legal in Greece so jason is seen as a single man was a mistress


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