Media Studies: THINK! Drink and Drive Campaign

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  • Media Studies: THINK! Drink and Drive Campaign
    • #publooshocker (2013)
      • Verisimilitude through use of CCTV camera to appear like a realistic set up
      • Ad didn't go as viral as marketing campaign wanted due to it's graphic nature and shocking impact.
      • The use of all men in the advert in a daytime setting targets its main audience as well as highlights the time of day doesn't affect the drinking.
      • The use of realistic mis en scene with unrealistic event in bathroom reinforces moral message.
    • #butalive (2015)
      • In the Dog house
        • Narrative voice over: Creates a personal narrative other texts didn't use.
        • Sound affects to create a larger impact and reinforces serious tone to accident
        • The use of high key lighting creates a dark tone to the advert whilst contrastive with humorous background music and ending narrative.
      • Photocopying
        • Realistic situations with an enigma at the beginning of the video.
    • Moment of Doubt (2009)
      • Posters
        • Edited faces together of government bodies to show progression of stages as a drink drinking concequence
          • Radio sequence follows the same princliple with voices and use of diegetic sounds to reinforce this
            • Radio- Consequences
      • Radio- Consequences
      • TV ad
        • Originally a Christmas Advert in 2009 its success allowed it to be continually shown over the next several years as well as other campaigns
        • High key lighting brings focus to atmosphere change and sets serious tone to the advert. A lack of music reinforces with diegtic sound being used instead to create a sense of realism for the audience.


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