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  • The Inspector
    • He introduces himself as Inspector Goole, a police officer who has come toe investigate the background to a young womans suicide
    • Role in the Plot
      • The Inspector interrupts the Birling family gathering
      • He establishes they each did something cruel or unkind to the dead girl
      • He gradually takes control of the situation and while being polite, refuses to acknowledge that any of the others is superior to him
      • He leaves them after making an impassioned speech about social justice
    • Description
      • A man of  'massiveness,solidity and purposefulness'
        • The Inspector is an imposing figure who will dominate and achieve his aims
      • 'One person and one line of enquiry at a time, Otherwise, there's a muddle'
        • He wants to do things his way and he likes to do things in an orderly way. This allows JB Priestly to build the play as a 'chain of events'
      • It's my duty to ask questions'
        • He takes his responsibilities seriously and shows the others that they haven't done os
      • He never seemed like an ordinary police officer
        • The world 'ordinary' could mean usual or it could imply more than human
    • His name sounds like ghoul someone with a morbid interest in death and it could be said that the Inspectors  existence os as a result of the girls death


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