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  • B2 keeping Healthy
    • Bacteria are larger than viruses measuring 1-5 micrometers
      • Yhe can cause illness such as TB, the plague , cytitis and tonsilitis
    • Viruses are the smallest MO's measuring only 20-300 nonometres
      • The cause flu,polio,colds ,AIDS and measles
    • Fungi are the largest they can be over 50 micrometres
      • They cause thrust, athletes foot and ringworm
    • Only bacteria are killed by antibiotics
    • In the right conditions bacteria can divide into 2 every twenty minutes
    • They like warmth moisture and avaliable nutreients
    • White blood cells make antibodies that sticks to the antigen markers on the microbe
    • Antibodies are specific to certain antigens. Antibodies lable the microbes and can stick them together
      • A person can be infected twice their white blood cell produce antibodies faster the second time


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