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standard stock materials.

  • the standard sizes which you can buy materials in, there needs to be a standard sizes to keep manufacturing costs down and make ordering easier.
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smart materials

  • these are materials which for some input you get an output therefore they are smart.

a good example is:

  • thermochromatic this is ink. This is for a change in temperature(input) the paper vhanges colour(output), this can be used on forehead thermometers where the colour changes according to your temperture.
  • or it could be on a baby spoon so that if the baby food is to hot then the spoon will change colour to when the spoon is cold.
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  • is hard, tough and strong.
  • functional furniture, toys and tool handles.


  • it is harder wearing, heavy and durable
  • high quality futniture; ship building and structures uses i.e beams
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soft wood

pine (scots pine):

  • fairly strong, easy to work with, cheap and readily available.
  • staircases, indoor furniture, including built in furniture and kictuens.
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manufactured board's


  • Layers of venner are glued together at tight angles to give it strength. comes in a range of thicknesses and large sheets. Also comes in a flexible form.
  • boar building, skateboards and some furniture.


  • Made from small chips of wood that are guled together with a resin, then compressed to form sheets. Not very good at being painted or varnished, although a thin veneer can be glued to it to make it attractive. It is very strong and readily available.
  • shelving and bedroom furniture and kitchen worktops, where a plastic material is glue to it in the same way venner is.


  • It is generally an easy material to work with. It is cheap and readily available. It is composed of wood dust and resin that are presses together to form the board.
  • making futniture and interior panelling.
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Ferrous metals

mild steel:

  • ductile and malleable, high tensile strength. cheap. rust very easily. easy to join.
  • nails, screwa, nuts and bolts. car bodies, girders.
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non ferrous metals


  • light in weight, easy to polish, can be anodised. ductile, work hardens in cold state. difficult to join.
  • cooking foil, chocolate wrappers, windeow frames, ladders


  • ductile and malleable. excellent conductor of heat and electricity. easily joined, corrosion resistant.
  • plumbing and electrical components. circuit boards.
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  • polishes to mirror light finishes. low melting point. soft, easy to cast.
  • drinking tankards, jewellery, picture frames, decorative gifts.


  • mixture of copper and zinc. hardwearing, gold in apperance.
  • decorative door knockers.
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urea formaldehyde

  • stiff, hard, strong, brittle, heat resistant.
  • white electrical fittings, switches, domestic appliance parts, i.e knobs.
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  • durable, resists chemical, food safe
  • lunchbozes, plastic chopping boards
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foil-lined board:

  • made by laminating aliminium foil to one side of cardboard, white board ot duplex board. insulation properties. can keep moisture in or out.
  • fast food lid containers

corrugated board:

  • comes in single double wall thickness. good strength, with low weight. single colour, cheap to manufacture.
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  • the amount of material used, e.g plastic water bottles, these have been made thinner in order to reduce the amount of PET used.
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  • materials already used, e.g aluminium drinks cans can be recycled into another producy e.g alloy wheels for cars.
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  • products rather than replace, e.g repair a broken part on a washing machine.
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  • when products life is over then take apart the product and reuse some of the parts again, e.g mobile phones can be useful components taken out and then put into others to make them work.
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  • your attitude to the environment, e.encourgae people to do all of the of the above, you may do this by adding the recycling symbol to products.
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