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Proteins are for?
growth and repair
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Carbohydrates are for?
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Fats are for?
storing energy and heat insulation
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Minerals are for?
Keeping you healthy, e.g. calcium and iron
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Keeping you healthy
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Adding brown iodine to a food containing starch will change the colour of the iodine to...
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Calcium is for...
healthy bones and teeth
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Iron is for?
healthy blood
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Lack of calcium will cause...
weak bones and teeth
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Lack of iron will cause...
anaemia, too few red blood cells
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Vitamin B6 is for?
healthy nerves
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Vitamin A is for...
good vision, healthy skin and growth, found in dairy products, lack causes night blindness
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Vitamin D is for...
absorbing calcium, found in margarine and oily fish, lack causes rickets
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Vitamin B12 is for...
formation of red blood cells, milk, fish, meat
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Vitamin C is for...
Teeth and gums
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Balanced diet contains...
Water, fibre and different nutrients
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Two types of carbohydrates
sugar and starch
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What is energy measured in?
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What is water used as? Why?
A solvent, to fill up cells so they keep their shapes, and for sweating.
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What is homeostasis?
Keeping a constant internal environment.
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What are the five kindoms?
Animals, bacteria, fungi, plants and protists
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Carbohydrates are for?



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Fats are for?


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