Atoms, Elements and Compounds AQA GCSE Chemistry

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  • Atoms, Elements and Compunds
    • Atoms
      • Everything is made up from atoms
      • Atoms are listed in order of atomic numbers on the periodic table
      • An atom is made up of a central nucleus and electrons going around it
    • Elements
      • Each group on the periodic table contains elements with similar properties
      • The elements on the periodic table are arranged in collums, called groups
      • Elements are one type of atom
      • Elements have a symbol that is the same in every language. E.g. Hydrogen - H
    • Compunds
      • Chemical bonds hold atoms together tightly
      • Most substances we see are not elements, they are a mixture of elements called compounds, or molecules
    • Did you know? Only 92 elements naturally occur on Earth and the other heavier metals have been made artificially and may have only existed for a few seconds


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