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ROCKS…read more

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Atoms & Elements
Atoms are made up of a small nucleus surrounded by electrons.
The Nucleus
· is in the middle of the atom
· contains protons and neutrons
· has almost the whole mass of the atom
· is tiny compared to the whole atom
The Electrons
· move around the nucleus in shells
· are tiny but their path covers a lot of space
· shells explain the whole of chemistry
· consist of only one type of atom
· it is the number of protons in the nucleus
which decide what type of atom it is.…read more

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Periodic Table
The periodic table puts elements with similar properties together.
Atoms of each element can be represented by a one or two letter symbol.…read more

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Compounds & Mixtures
Compounds are two or more elements chemically bonded together and mixtures are
elements which are not chemically joined.
Compounds Mixtures
· when different elements react, atoms form · there is no chemical bond between the
chemical bonds with each other to form different parts
compounds · the parts can be separated out by
· making bonds involves atoms giving away, physical methods
taking or sharing electrons, so it is usually · the properties of a mixture are just a
difficult to separate the atoms mixture of properties of the separate parts
· the properties of a compound are totally
different from the properties of the original
· compounds can be small molecules like
water or giant lattices like sodium chloride…read more

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Balancing Equations
The symbol equation shows the atoms on both sides.
Mg + O2 MgO
· find an element that doesn't balance · balancing the equation
· keep on increasing one side at a time means there must be the
· carry on increasing unbalanced elements same number of atoms on
until they balance out both sides
· you balance the equation
1) Mg + O2 MgO by putting numbers in front
2) Mg + O2 2MgO of the formulas when
3) 2Mg + O2 2MgO needed
· the formula is correct but
the number of some atoms
don't match up
· you can't change the
formula, you can only put
numbers in front of them…read more

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This power point has helped so much, it is good as an overall summary, all the key points are there. Thanks a lot

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