Athenians Gods 1

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  • Athenian Gods
    • Zues
      • King Of the Gods
      • Responsible for the weather
        • Particularly thunder and lightining
      • Often seen holding a lighting bolt, or sitting on a throne with a crown and sceptre
    • Hera
      • Queen of the Gods
        • Wife of Zues
        • royal figure, portrayed wearing a crown
      • Goddess of marriage
    • Demeter
      • Goddess of the crops
        • Crucial in the agricultural society
        • often pictured alongside flowers, fruit or grain
    • Poseidon
      • God of The sea
        • Depicted alongside dolphins, holding his trident with which he shook the  earth with, to create an earthquake
      • God of Horses
    • Hephaitos
      • God of Metal working and fire
      • It was believed he lived in the volcanoes
      • he was portrayed around the jewellery or weapons he made
    • Apollo
      • Oversaw  music, medicine, the arts, education, disease, prophecy, archery and the sun
      • He is portrayed as a handsome young man, with a quiver of arrows or a lyre
    • Artemis
      • Twin sister of apollo
      • Responsible for the moon
      • Goddess of hunting,  childhood and childhood
    • Athena
      • Goddess of Athens
        • She founded Athens and gave her name to their  city
        • She is responsible for tactical warfare , wisdom, weanling and hand crafts
        • She is typically seen in amour and weapons
        • her sacred bird was the Owl
        • She had a special cape called the aegis , which was made out of goatskin
          • finged with sankes nad a gorgons head in the middle
    • Ahphrodite
      • Goddess of Love
      • Often portrayed with a sea shell
    • Ares
      • He is the God of war and destruction
      • He is depicted wearing full armour
    • Hermes
      • The messenger of the gods
        • He protected traders who travelled widely across the Greek world
      • He is often Depicted with winged sandals, winged helmet and a special wand
    • Dionysos
      • He was responsible for wine, wild partying, growth and fertility
      • He is often shown with ivy and  vines


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