Greek Gods



-King of the Gods

-God of the sky, weather and travelers

-Married to Hera

-Pictured sitting on a throne

-If there was a group of Gods he would be in the middle

-Carries a sceptre and an orbe or a lightning bolt

- Brother to Poseidon and Hades

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-God of the sea, horses, earthquakes and bulls

-Father to the cyclops

-Carries a trident

-Can be seen surrunded by fish, horses, dolphins and sea serpents

-Worshipped mainly by sailors and fishermen

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-God of blackmiths, volcanoes and fire

-Seen with tools and anvils

-Only unperfect God (due to him being lame)

-Married to Aphrodite

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-God of violent war

-Wears armour and is larger than life

-Genrally unpopular due to his trouble making tendancies

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-God of education, music and the arts, medicine and disease, archery, the son and prophecy

-Twin brother of Artemis

-Carries a lyre or bow

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-God of travel and trade

-Messanger to the Gods

-Wears winged sandles

-Holds staff called a caduceus

-Sometimes shown in the underworld

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-God of wine, revelry, drama and fertility

-Seen with ivy, vines and grapes

-Accompanied by Maenads and Satyrs

-Worshipped by Athenians in the Great Dionysia

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-Goddess of marriage (ironic due to her marriage being unsuccessful)

-Queen of the Gods

-Wife of Zeus

-Can be seen sitting on a throne often next to Zeus

-Crowned with a polos

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-Goddess of agriculture and harvest

-Less important as trading developed throughout Athens

-Mother to Persephone

-Seen holding corn and harvest

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-Goddess of love and beauty

-Pictures with/on a dove

-Seen with sea shells

-Only goddess seen naked

-Beautiful but sexualised Goddess

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-Goddess of war, wisdom, weaving and crafts

-Patron God of Athens

-Seen with owls

-Always dressed for war

-Wears the aegis: a goat-skin cape imprinted with the image of a Gorgons head surrounded by snakes

-Worshipped in the Panathenaic games

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-The winged Goddess of victory

-Seen with Athena

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-Goddess of the moon, hunting, childhood and childbirth

-Twin of Apollo, his equal and opposite

-Wears a headband or animal skins

-Carries bow and arrows

-Surrounded by wild animals and young girls

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-Goddess of the household and hearth

-Seen with flames and fire

-Wears togas and covers her head

-Sometimes holds vases

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