Why was the City Dionysia an important festival for an Athenian?

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  • Why was the City Dionysia an important festival for an Athenian?
    • 1. Dionysos was God of drama
      • Drama was an area which the Athenians considered themselves to be very strong in. Therefore was considered a very important festival.
    • 2. All citizens could potentially be involved in the  judging of plays or preparations and nominations of the playwrights
      • They could also potentially be the choregos - wealthy citizen who funded a play. They would need to make it a very grand affair as that would grant them respect amonst other citizens
    • 3. Gave all citizens a chance to visit the theatre and see the array of plays being put on. This was normally a rare opurtunity.
    • 4. The Arts gained a country political and economical power. A country with a power in theatre was one which would have a strong reputation. This would fend of enemies and threats of invasion from other City-States
    • Conclusion
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    • On the other hand
      • Dionysos was not an incredibly relevant God who had done great things for Athens.
      • The Judging system was not completely fair and could be biased or fixed.
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