Panathenaia - SCRaP

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  • Panathenaia SCRaP
  • Social
    • Cmpetitive events - chance to win glory/financi-al
    • Opportunity for communal worship
    • Show sense of patriotic pride the visual spectacle of the competition would be impressic; emphasising the unification of the people in Athens
    • Leisure
    • Sense of unity
    • Relaxation
  • Cultural
    • Rememberin-g/ cultural/myth-ological events
      • Peplos had giants and gods stories woven in
      • Pythic dancing was originally celebration of gods over giants
    • Musical skills
    • Education/Lit-eracy
    • Appreciation of epic poetry & oral tradition
    • The wealth & power of Athens would have been illustrated in the sheer scale & extravaganc-e of event
  • Religous
    • Celebrating birth of Athena - patron of City
    • Honouring goddess - patron of Athens
    • Fulfilling religous obligations
    • Sacrifice
    • Communal worship
  • Political
    • Showed Athens as a super-power
    • Non-Athenians were invited and participated some aspects, but not all
    • Highlighted Athens superiority
    • Opportunity to show forward thinking political system
    • Demonstratio-n of Athenian citizenship - inclusive, elaborate


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