Ideals About Cause and Purpose

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  • Aristotle: Ideals about Cause and Purpose
    • The Four Causes
      • 2. Efficient Cause
        • What caused it? The agent that caused the thing to exist
      • 4. Final Cause
        • The ultimate reason why it exists. It's purpose.
      • 1. Material Cause
        • The matter or substance that something is made from
      • 3. Formal Cause
        • The plan behind it. What makes it recognisable? Structure, form, shape etc.
    • The Prime Mover
      • The Prime Mover is the originating cause for all motion eternally
      • The Prime Mover sustains all change from Potentiality to Actuality
      • The Prime Mover exists by necessity, it cannot fail to exist
      • The Prime Mover is unchanging, it is pure actuality by nature so it's nature is good
      • The Prime Mover is the Final Cause- The ultimate reason why we exist
      • The Prime Mover is the ultimate reason and final goal of movement


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