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  • Aristotle
    • introduction
      • Disagreed with Plato, he didn't believe there was two separate realms. he believed we can only gain true knowledge in this world.
      • he rejected Plato's idea that everything in the world is a copy of an ideal form.
      • everything in the world is made of matter (that which is physical as opposed to spiritual.
    • four causes
      • Material cause (what is it made of?)
      • Formal cause (what are its characteristics?)
      • Efficient cause (how does it happen? why does it exist?)
      • final cause (what's its purpose)
    • Prime mover
      • all movement depends on their being a mover. Nothing can come from nothing and there must have been something to start off the chain reaction. this mover is GOD.
      • prime mover is unchanging and the cause of all that exists. he believed that the prime mover caused a change in motion in the universe.


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