Changing Places

Define locale?
Where something happens or is set, or that has particular events associated with it.
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Define location?
Where a place is, for example the coordinates on a map.
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What is perception of place?
The way in which a place is viewed or regarded by people.
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Define place?
A location with meaning to an individual in ways that are personal or subjective. They can also be meaningful at a social or cultural level with the meaning shared by groups of people.
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Define placemaking?
The deliberate shaping of an environment to facilitate social interaction and improve a community's quality of life.
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What is sense of place?
The subjective and emotional attachments people have to a place.
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What are 3 types of theoretical approaches to place?
A descriptive approach, a social constructionist approach, a phenomenological approach.
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What is a descriptive approach to place?
The world is a set of places, each place can be studied, each place is distinct.
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What is a social constructionist approach to place?
Places are a product of a particular set of social processes occurring at a particular time.
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What is a phenomenological approach to place?
There is a relationship between place and person. A bond will form between people&place. It is through human perception and experience we get to know a place.
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What is an experienced place?
Places a person has spent time in.
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What are media places?
Those a person has only read about or seen in a film.
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What are the 8 factors affecting the character of a place?
Cultral, Socio-Economic, Mobility, The built environment, political, location, demographic figures, physical geography.
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What do cultural factors consist of?
Heritage, religion and language.
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What do socio-economic factors consist of?
Employment opportunities, amenities(facilities/services), educational attainment and opportunities, income, health, crime rate, local clubs&societies.
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What do mobility factors consist of?
Mobility of the population for work and for leisure.
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What do built environment factors consist of?
Land use, age, type of housing, building density, building materials.
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What do political factors consist of?
Role and strength of local councils and/or resident groups.
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What do location factors consist of?
Urban or rural, proximity to other settlements, main roads, physical features(rivers.. ect..).
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What do demographic factors consist of?
Population size, population structure(age, gender), ethnicity.
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What do physical geography factors consist of?
Relief, altitude, aspect, drainage, soil type, rock type.
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Define location?


Where a place is, for example the coordinates on a map.

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What is perception of place?


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Define place?


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Define placemaking?


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