Antisemitism, Hate of Jews.

Another spider diagram on restrictions and actions towards Jews in Nazi Germany.

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  • Antisemitism
    • Nuremberg Laws
      • Jewish food was banned
      • Jewish books burned
      • Not allowed child benefits
      • Passed on 15th September 1935
      • Jews can't marry Germans.
    • Schools
      • Jewish kids not allowed to attend schools
      • Germans learned antisemitic concepts
        • Racial Studies/Sciences
    • Kristalnacht
      • Jews killed and beat up.
      • 9th November 1938
      • "The night of Broken Glass"
      • Jewish houses, businesses and synagogues (churches) burned.
      • Turning point - violent actions towards Jews from this time
    • Appearnce and Restrictions
      • Scapegoats - Blamed for Wall St Crash consequences.
      • Had to wear yellow stars
      • Put into Ghettos
      • Had to add the name Israel for men and Sarah for women to their name.
      • Can't go to swimming pools.
      • Can't own radios.
    • Hate of Jews
      • Inc. 1 million kids


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