Anti-Semitism and Persecution in Nazi Germany

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Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

Why did Nazis hate the Jews?

Jews were considered to be subhuman according to Nazi racial theory and they must not be allowed to taint the pure Aryan blood. Hitler learnt to hate the Jews from his early years living as a dosser in Vienna.

  • They were useful scapegoats. The Nazis blamed them for losing WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles because some of the 'November Criminals' had been Jewish (the November Criminals were the people who signed the Armistice). The Nazis even claimed the Jews were planning to rule the world!
  • They was a great deal of envy - many Jews in Germany were highly successful business people.

Nazi Anti-Semitic Policies

Initially, Hitler treaded carefully regarding the Jews because his priority was to rearm Germany and he had to convince the Germany people that the Jews were evil. Slowly, however, Nazi policies became more radical towards the Jews - it is not known if this was deliberate or things spiralled out of control.

Banned from professions: In 1933 - 34, Jews were banned from the civil service.

One-day boycott - In 1933, a one day boycott of Jewish businesses was organised (doctors, dentists, Jewish shops etc). Jewish shops were marked with the Star of David and the word Jude.

Nuremburg Laws: In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were passed which stated Jews did not have the same rights as German citizens nor could they marry Aryans. At this point, some began to emigrate.

Aryanization Programme: This refers to the forced expulsion of all non-Aryans, mainly Jews, from business life and the Nazi territories. It involved transferring Jewish property and wealth into Aryan hands and ended with the Holocaust (death camps)

Crystal Night - In 1938, Jews were forced to wear the Star of David and some of their


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