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Some points on Nazi views
· Believed in superiority of Aryan race
· Encouraged women to have lots of babies
· Prevented some people from procreating e.g.
handicapped people, prostitutes and habitual thieves
were sterilised
· Euthanasia secretly introduced for mentally ill
patients e.g. 72,000 were gassed between 1939 and
1941.…read more

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Background to Hitler's Anti-Semitism
· Hitler's believes have many links with Social
Darwinism. Social Darwinism is a belief in the
survival of the fittest. Hitler applied this to race and
national politics.
· Hitler believed that the Germanic or `Aryan' race
were a `master race'. His belief in Social Darwinism
led him to conclude that as such other races were
inferior. The Jews were one of the most inferior
races in Hitler's eyes and therefore needed to be
exterminated.…read more

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Why did Hitler hate the Jews?
· A number of possibilities. A Jewish master at Art College
rejected Hitler. This may have sparked his hatred, as he was a
very keen artist.
· Jews were prominent within the Communist party of the
Soviet Union; this led to a political reason to turn Jews into
scapegoats.…read more

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How were the Jewish Community
dealt with?
· Propaganda ­ `race science' taught in schools
· Newspapers, radio programmes and films
· 1933: Boycott of Jewish owned shops
· 1933: Jewish people banned from all state jobs e.g. teachers,
broadcasters, lawyers
· 1935: Nuremburg Laws. Jews could not be German citizens
or have sexual relations/marry German citizens.
· 1935-1939: Lost other civil rights e.g.…read more

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Kristallnacht 1938
(Night of broken glass)
· Angry at treatment of Jews in Germany, a young Jewish
student assassinated a German diplomat in Paris. Used as an
excuse by SS to attack Jews, their businesses and synagogues
all over the country.
· The police did nothing.…read more

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The Final Solution: 1941
· Initially Jews forced to live separately in ghettoes. These
were overcrowded e.g. Warsaw ghetto held 400,000 where
100,000 used to live.
· July 1941 Final Solution to the Jewish problem was
proposed. To kill the 11 million Jews in Europe.
· Initially shot by members of the Einsatzgruppen but then
turned to gas chambers e.g. Auschwitz where you could kill
2,000 people at a time
· Jews were collected from all over Europe and transported by
train.…read more

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By the end of the war 6 million Jews
and 5 million others (including
Slavs, gypsies and homosexuals) had
been killed…read more


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