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Year 11 Revision
SJA: Session 2

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Some points on Nazi views
· Believed in superiority of Aryan race
· Encouraged women to have lots of babies
· Prevented some people from procreating e.g.
handicapped people, prostitutes and habitual thieves
were sterilised
· Euthanasia secretly introduced for mentally ill
patients e.g. 72,000 were gassed between 1939 and…

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Background to Hitler's Anti-Semitism
· Hitler's believes have many links with Social
Darwinism. Social Darwinism is a belief in the
survival of the fittest. Hitler applied this to race and
national politics.
· Hitler believed that the Germanic or `Aryan' race
were a `master race'. His belief in Social Darwinism…

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Why did Hitler hate the Jews?
· A number of possibilities. A Jewish master at Art College
rejected Hitler. This may have sparked his hatred, as he was a
very keen artist.
· Jews were prominent within the Communist party of the
Soviet Union; this led to a political reason…

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How were the Jewish Community
dealt with?
· Propaganda ­ `race science' taught in schools
· Newspapers, radio programmes and films
· 1933: Boycott of Jewish owned shops
· 1933: Jewish people banned from all state jobs e.g. teachers,
broadcasters, lawyers
· 1935: Nuremburg Laws. Jews could not be German…

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Kristallnacht 1938
(Night of broken glass)
· Angry at treatment of Jews in Germany, a young Jewish
student assassinated a German diplomat in Paris. Used as an
excuse by SS to attack Jews, their businesses and synagogues
all over the country.
· The police did nothing.
· 91 Jews killed…

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The Final Solution: 1941
· Initially Jews forced to live separately in ghettoes. These
were overcrowded e.g. Warsaw ghetto held 400,000 where
100,000 used to live.
· July 1941 Final Solution to the Jewish problem was
proposed. To kill the 11 million Jews in Europe.
· Initially shot by members…

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By the end of the war 6 million Jews
and 5 million others (including
Slavs, gypsies and homosexuals) had
been killed


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