Antigone Character overview

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  • Antigone
    • Antigone
      • Daughter of Oedipus
      • Defies a civil law (non burial of Polynices) in order to uphold the divine law requiring that the dead be put to rest with proper rituals
    • Ismene
      • Sister of Antigone
      • Timidly refuses to join her sister in disobeying the civil law
        • Later wants to join her in death
    • Creon
      • King of Thebes
      • Inforced a law to leave Polynices' body unburied
      • Refuses to admit the possibility that he may be wrong
        • Brings about the events of the Tragedy
    • Solider
      • Brings news of the attempted burial of Polynices
    • Messenger
      • Man who tells the deaths of Antigone, Haemon and Eurydice
    • Haemon
      • Son of Creon
      • Promised in marriage to Antigone
      • Argues calmly for Antigones release
        • meets with angry rejection
    • Tiresias
      • Blind Prophet
      • Auguries show that the Gods are angered by Creon's decision to leave Polynices unburied
    • Eurydice
      • Queen of Thebes
      • Wife of Creon
      • Hearing the death of her son, leads her to suicide
    • Chorus
      • Elders of Thebes
      • Listen loyally to Creon
      • Rebuke Antigone
      • Advise the king to change his mind when Teiresias warns of the Gods' punishments


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