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  • Act One - 'Nora, who was that man?'....'Excuse me Mrs Helmer'.
    • Director
      • Stage becomes busy
        • Dr. Rank & Mrs Linde - having social debate
      • This section comments on deception of the characters
        • Their relationships intertwined with lies
      • Section light-hearted
        • Characters feel the need to lie - trivial matters
          • The purchase of the macaroons
            • Shows their able to deceive each other
            • Three characters eating the macaroons then lying to Torvald
              • Bring up: lies and how they are not easy to own up to - even the small ones
              • Suggests his control over Nora
                • Her act of defiance in ignoring Torvald
            • Symbolise desire for independence
              • Torvald doesn't want Nora eating macaroons
                • Nora gain weight
                • Nora's teeth will root
              • Nora seeks freedom from Torvald
                • Limitations society puts on her
                  • By rebelling through harmless acts
                    • N fulfilling her inner need of self meaning - male dominating society
    • Actor
      • Nora plays loving, devoting mother
        • Preparation for later revelation of being separated from her children
          • Avoid corrupting them


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