Anne Sexton Context

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  • Anne Sexton
    • Personal Life
      • Suffered from bipolar disorder
      • Married at 19
      • Tried to commit suicide after birth of second daughter
      • Unsuccessful, placed in psychiatric ward
      • Encouraged by doctors to write poetry
      • Committed suicide in 1974
    • Family
      • Gave birth to a daughters in 1953 and 1955
      • Suffered from severe post natal depression
      • Grew up in America with two older sisters
    • Poetry
      • Confessional poet
      • Intimate and emotional content
      • Often wrote about her mental illnesses
      • Wrote about taboo topics
        • Adultery, sex, abortion, menstruation etc
        • Heavily criticised, but it made her popular and well known
    • 'For My Lover, Returning To His Wife'
      • Confessional poet - did she actualy have an affair?
      • Men accepted to have affairs, women criticised


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