Feminine Gospels-A Dreaming Week

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  • A dreaming week
    • Themes
      • The female voice
        • "An open unread book"
          • It is suggested that books by females do not get read which is why the book is "unread" and this takes away their voice.
        • "the monocle of the moon"
          • The moon is used to represent femininity so it is suggested that only female writers experience this and that they have a completely different experience to male writers.
      • Creativity
        • "tides have come and gone"
          • This implies that creativity is limited and must be used when it can be found
        • "dust,must, most,moot, moon,mown, down"
          • The use of similar random words illustrates that creativity is inconvenient as an individual does not get to choose when their creativity is useful .
      • Time and life
        • "the last evening"
          • Can be seen as the last evening of ever suggesting that a writer will spend their whole life writing
        • "stuttering clock"
          • Suggests that the narrator does not want time to stop as they are seeing time differently from the conventional appearance of reality
          • It is implied that time changes while writing as writing takes up the whole of an individual's life so the time does not realy matter
    • Resources and critical quotes
      • https://letterpile.com/poetry/The-Feminine-Gospels-by-Carol-Ann-Duffy-A-Dreaming-Week-Poetry-Analysis
      • Elaine Feinstein-poems are prayer-like and intense with feeling
        • https://www.theguardian.com/books/2002/sep/14/featuresreviews.guardianreview
      • Charlotte Mendelson review   https://www.theguardian.com/books/2002/oct/13/poetry.features1
      • includes some short, tender, quiet poems of beautiful lyricism, such as Anon, Wish and North-West; but its most audacious and ambitions piece is a long poem (47 13-line stanzas), The Laughter of Stafford Girls' High, a wonderful invention which [...] itself gallops along with a wild, rollicking energy.
    • Context
      • Carol Ann Duffy is Poet Laureate so writing is a great part of her lifestyle
      • As the first female Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy may feel that women's voices have been previously ignored


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