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  • Obsessive Love
    • The Great Gatsby
      • Who so List to Hount I knowe where is an hynde- Sir Thomas Wyatt
        • "faynting I followe"
          • "the vayne travail hath weried me so sore" - negative consequence of obsessive love is that it is very tiring. Perhaps the narrator loses his manlihood by giving up the chase- "faynting" perhaps criticism -seen as feminine- product of courtly love context
        • Wyatt was accused of loving Anne Boleyn.
        • Unrequited love- leads to his and men in generals obsession. It fuels the 'chase'
        • The obsessive love doesn't actually gain the narrator the deer- like in Great Gatsby.
      • Nick is obsessed with Gatsby and Gatsby is obsessed with Daisy and Tom is obsessed with  Myrtle
        • Myrtles husband is obsessed with getting justice for myrtle by killing her murderer- driven by love and anger
      • Green light symbolises Gatsby obsessive love for Daisy- does it go out at the end when he dies?
    • Remember- Christina Rossetti
      • The narrator is obsessed about her lover remembering after she dies.
        • "remember me when I am gone away"
          • Repetition of "remember" reinforces obsession
          • "only remember me" - imperative command
          • Not romantic its creepy
      • Focused on death throughout " silent land" whereas other two end with un forseen death
      • Religious context- very religious- remember is about her obsession of acceptance through love- of herself and of the fallen women she cared for.


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