Carol Ann Duffy Context

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  • Carol Ann Duffy Context
    • Inspirations
      • Robert Browning
        • Wrote monologues from the point of disturbed or unusual characters
      • John Donne
        • Ordinary objects presented in original and surprising ways
      • Philip Larkin
        • Nostalgia and dry humour
      • The Beat  poets
        • Rejection of standard values and materialism
        • Explicit portrayals of the human condition
        • Sexual liberation
    • Poetry
      • Known as a feminist poet
      • First LGBT+ Poet Laureate
        • And the first woman
      • Aims for her readers to understand those who they normally dismiss
        • Known as a feminist poet
      • Writes in accessible language to seem deceptively simple
    • Personal Life
      • Went to a Catholic school and kept in touch with her English teacher there
      • Attended Stafford Girls High
      • Raised her daughter Ella without the involvement of the father
        • She has said her daughter was one of her greatest achievements
      • Her partner is fellow poet Jackie Kay


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