Carol Ann Duffy Context

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  • Carol Ann Duffy Context
    • Early life
      • born in Glasgow, Scotland
      • born 1955
      • moved to Stafford, England when she was 6
      • went to convent schools
      • she knew she was a lesbian since childhood
    • Later life
      • attended Liverpool Uni
      • graduated with a degree in philosophy
      • worked for the Guardian as a poetry critic
      • she is the acclaimed poet of "post war England; Thatcher's England"
      • best know for her love poems in a monologue style
    • Her poetry
      • her early poems give no indication of her homosexuality
        • the object of love in her verses is someone whos gender is not specified
    • In Mean time:
      • duffy covers the themes of:
      • the dramatised scenes of childhood: Stafford Afternoons, Confession and Cliche Kid
      • finding moments of grace or consolation in memory: Before You Were Mine
        • in love and language amid the complexities of life: Valentine and Sleeping
      • the nuances and sometimes painful nature of love with its relationship with time: Mean Time, Havisham and The Windows
      • The topic of isolation in regards to relationships had/not had: Never Go Back, Oslo, Room and The Suicide


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