Animal and Plant Disease

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  • Risk factors for disease
    • Having a weak immune system
    • Chronic underlying health conditions
    • Disease Transmission
      • Bacterial disease
        • Tuberculosis - caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in humans
          • Treatment: Antibiotics and vaccines for some strains
            • Transmission: Droplets from the lungs - prevented by using tissues
        • Bacterial meningitis - caused by a number of different bacteria
          • Transmission: Direct contact and vaccines available to prevent the spread
            • Treatment: Antibiotics
        • Ring rot - disease affecting tomatoes and potatoes
          • Transmission: planting infection material and indirect contact with contaminated equipment
            • Control: Cleaning equipment
      • Fungal disease
        • Athletes foot - infection that affects feet
          • Transmission: Indirect contact with contaminated objects
            • Treatment: Antifungal cream, spray, powder and medication
        • RIngworm - most common in cattle
          • Treatment: Antifungal cream
            • Transmission: Direct contact with infected skin
        • Black Sigatoka - affects leaves of banana plants
          • Transmission: Direct and indirect contact
            • Control: remove leaves, drainage
      • Protoctista disease
        • Malaria - causes red blood cells to burst and infect a person
          • Transmission: Insect vectors
            • Treatment: Medication
        • Late blight - cause spores to grow on leaves of infected plants
          • Transmission: Airoborne or waterborne
      • Viral disease
        • HIV/AIDS - attacks cells of the immune system
          • Transmission: body fluids
            • Treatment: Antiviral drugs and vaccines
        • Influenza - caused by a number of strains of virus
          • Transmission: Direct and indirect contact
            • Treatment: No effective chemical control
        • Tobacco mosaic virus - impacts tobacco plants + tomatoes
      • Transmission
        • Indirect transmission - pathogens not spread through direct transmission
          • Examples: Animal vectors, air or waterborne transmission, formites such as door handles, human movment
        • Direct transmission - physical contact made with the infected animal/plant
          • Examples:  Saliva, blood, semen
      • Types of pathogens
        • Fungi
        • Protoctista


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