Androgyny and Sex role inventory

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  • Androgyny and the sex role inventory
    • Means a combination of male and female characteristic
      • behavioural and emotional traits
        • taking on whichever quality best fitted the situation
      • most beneficial, able to adapt to the demands of modern life and allow boys and girls to have equal opportunities
      • questionnaire to test androgyny
      • 100 American undergrads fed back most desirable personality traits for each gender
        • 20 male 20 female 20 neutral as distractors
        • after a criticism from Spence et al (1975) she later added undifferentiated as a category
      • then rate themselves on a 7 point likert scale
        • scores are added up and calculate masculinity, femininity and androgyny
      • research support has found a positive correlation between androgyny and psychological health
        • Prakash et al tested 100 married Indian women, those high in masculinity had lower depression scores etc
          • so it has a psycho-protective effect
      • very reductionist view of gender identity
        • Golombok and Fivush say in order to understand it more fully, broader issues like interests and perception of abilities should be considered
          • so it doesn't provide an accurate depiction of an individual's level of androgyny, questions validity
        • using structuralism can be useful to understand individual aspects of androgyny
      • issues in the methodology, it is a self report method.
        • easily lie about their traits on the likert scale, may feel judged for responding a certain way and choose to use demand traits
          • low internal validity and so does not measure what it is supposed to


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