Organic Reactions - Addition

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  • Addition Reaction
    • Is one in which two substances react together to form a single substance
    • Example of an Addition Reaction
      • Ethene + Hydrogen = Ethane
        • Double bond broken
    • Mechanism of  reaction between ethene and bromine
      • Step 1.
        • High conc. of negative charge in the C double bond C, causes the Br - Br bond to become POLARISED
      • Step 2.
        • Heterolytic Fission of Bromine due to polarisation being so great
      • Step 3.
        • CARBONIUM ION - Bridged structure exists within Bromine
      • Step 4.
        • Attack on the carbonium ion by bromide ion (Br-).
      • Evidence of Ionic Addition
        • Ethene reacting with water and NaCl
          • PRODUCTS FORMED-   1-bromo-2-chloroethane,2-bromoethanol
    • Have to know mechanisms for
      • Ethene and Chlorine
        • Ethene and HCl
    • Polymerisation Reactions
      • Ethene and ethene


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