alkenes and alkenes reactions

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alkenes are a homologous series of hydrocarbons.

more reactive than alkanes

alkenes have a double covalent bond between two carbon atoms in their chains

alkenes are unsaturated because they contain two fewer hydrogen atoms than an alkane with the same number of carbon atoms

alkenes are more reactive than alkanes because the double bond carbon atoms can open up to become single bonds so these carbon atoms can bond with other atoms(addition reactions)

ethene has 2 carbon atoms, propene has 3 carbon atoms butene has 4 carbon atoms and pentene has 5 carbon atoms.

general formula of alkenes: 


alkenes are useful for starting starting materials to make other organic compounds and polymers

when orange bromine water is added to an alkane, there will be no reaction and stay orange

when orange bromine water is added to an alkene a reaction will occur and the bromine water will be decolourised

alkenes go through incomplete combustion:

alkene+oxygen-carbon+carbon monoxide+carbon dioxide+water

incomplete combustion results in a smoky yellow flame.

types and amounts of product formed depends on how much oxygen is present

reactions of alkenes:

hydrogen reacts with the double bonded carbons to open up its…


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