Act 1: Part 3 An Inspector Calls

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  • Act 1, Part 3: The enquiry begins (pp.11-16)
    • Inspector
      • Immediately assumes role of someone who is a force for good
      • Creates a big impression seems solid full of purpose
      • Takes control of situation calmy
      • Immediate impact- more complicated than ordinary whodunnit
    • Contrast: from relaxed and rather condescending in his manner to aggressive as he finds himself having to defend his actions
      • Mr B
        • Considers that his importance as a business man makes him superior to a police Inspector
          • Inspector stands for the law
        • 'What happened to her after that'
    • Learn about way factory worker might have regarded his owners
      • Eric- more sympathetic
    • Ironic that Mr B sacked Eva for showing qualities of leadership- the same qualities for which he was going to promote her
    • Inspector and Eric sympathetic to Eva- clear contrast
  • Inspector and Eric sympathetic to Eva- clear contrast


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