AQA ENG LIT: Possible Exam Questions for An Inspector Calls

A whole list of essay questions, good resource for essay practice and technique. Hope it helps. Happy revising!

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Reianna Shakil 11FEnglish ­ A.I.C. REVISION2/1/12
An Inspector Calls ­ Possible Exam Questions
1. `But each of you helped to kill her.' Do you agree with Inspector Goole's words (page 53)
or do you think that some of the characters are more responsible for the death of Eva
Smith than others?
2. The Inspector's role is to warn - he is concerned with the principle of collective
responsibility. `We are members of one body' (p.54) Discuss the Inspector's view of
responsibility, guilt and blame in the play.
3. `I'd like to ask you a few questions.' Choose two characters from the play, write about
the questioning techniques of the Inspector. How do the different characters respond to
being `inspected'?
4. "The characters are presented to the audience as being wholly bad, or wholly good ­
there is no in-between." By referring to the presentation of at least two characters,
show how far you agree with this statement.
5. It has been said that "Eva/Daisy is the most important character in this play, because the
other characters only reveal their true natures in their dealings with her: and yet we
never see her on the stage". How successful do you consider this dramatic technique of
a central `invisible' character to be?
6. "Sheila is the most interesting character in the play, because the writer allows her to
change and develop." How far do you agree with this comment?

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Reianna Shakil 11FEnglish ­ A.I.C. REVISION2/1/12
7. "Part ghost story, part murder mystery, part moral lecture." To what extent do you
agree with this description of An Inspector Calls?
8. "An interesting portrayal of the period in which it is set, but of little relevance to a
modern audience." By referring closely to the play, show whether you agree or disagree
with this view.
9. "This play is built on deceit.…read more


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