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How far is Inspector Goole a believable Policeman? How does Priestly use the
Inspector in the play?

J.B Priestly has written a play called "An Inspector Calls " to portray the difference between
how different statuses are treated in society. Priestly has a very successful way of putting
across his…

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He is very commanding and authoritative, in his speech and in his personal presence:
"he creates at once an impression of massiveness, solidity and
purposefulness." The stage directions repeatedly show him "cutting through
massively" "cutting in massively" "massively taking charge" "With authority", "taking
charge master fully "

He is disgusted…

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What priestly is portraying by using Inspector Goole is that even though you do not know
what you have committed you still have done it and have to live with the consequences of it.
One of the consequences would be Eric's drinking problem. He was known as the
irresponsible one.…

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are giving hints and clues from the way he acts and what he says and are found think
for ourselves using his characteristics to find out his identity or intention. This makes
him unrealistic to being a policeman but his intention makes him reliable.

However, Inspector Goole's role in the…


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