An Inspector Calls


Act 1- part 1

  • celebrating shiels and Gerlads engagement
  • Mr birling makes speeches, saying we should ignore people that talk about community
  • Mr birling talks of the Titanic and a prosperous future, dramatic irony for the aundience
  • The inspector arrives
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Act 1- part 2

  • When shown a photo of Eva, Mr Birling says she worked at his factory but she was sacked for asking for higher wages
  • Shiela and Eric both feel their father acted harshly, however Gerald supports Mr Birling
  • Shiela is shown the photograph of the girl and admits she got her sacked from milwards, she admits she was jealous and in a bad temper
  •  When Gerald hears that she changed her name to Daisy Renton, his rection shows her knew the girl
  • The inspector leaves the room and shiela warns gerald not to try anything with the Inspector
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Act 2- part 1

  • Gerald admis he met Daisy Renton the spring of the previous year and she was his mistress for 6 months
  • Shiela is hurt and angry, but has a respect for his openess
  • Mrs Birling tries to bully the inspector and control events
  • Shiela realises that the Inspectors inquiries are well founded, and that her mother might be involved with the girl
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Act 2- part 2

  • When Eric is gone, Mrs Birling is forcd to admit the girl asked for help from her charity however was refused bcause sh caled herself Mrs Birling
  • Its found out the girl was pregnant, and Mrs Briling blames the death on the father of the child
  • There is suspicion that Eric might be the father. Dramaic irony takes place between the characters and audience when Eric enters
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Act 3- part 1

  • Eric confesses that he got the girl pregnant and that he stole money from his dad's business to support her
  • When Eric finds out that Eva went to his mothers charity for help and was refused, he is very angry with his mother and blames her for the death
  • The inspector makes a dramatic speech about responsibility
  • The inspector leaves
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Act 3- part 2

  • Gerald and Mr Birling prove that he wasn't a real Police Inspector
  • Mr Birling calls the chief constable and is assured there is no Inspector Goole
  • A phone call to te infirmary prove there was no recent suicide
  • Eric and Shiela still feel guilty, Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald shrug of any guilt
  • Mr Birling answers the phone, a girl has just died on her way to the infirmary and there is a Police Inspector on his way to make inquiries
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