A Birthday

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  • A Birthday
    • Imagery
      • "A watered shoot"
        • "Well watered" suggests lushness and fertility. Represents growth
      • "Singing bird"
        • To singing bird, vocal expression is as natural as breathing.  By speaking of her "heart" in these terms, the speaker suggests that her song forms a natural part of herself.
        • Singing birds are often used in Romantic poetry.
      • "Doves"
        • Represent peace in the Bible.
      • "Apple tree...boughs are bent with thickset fruit"
        • Suggests that the love she feels in growing, ripe and perfectly natural, simple and pure.
        • Suggests intensly innocent and artless feeling.
      • "Rainbow shell"
        • Mystical,
        • Rainvow is symbolic of shimmering beauty anf of God's promise to protect man-kind.
    • Structure
      • Hymn
      • The  two stanzas are in perfect balance, using the chorus like "my heart is" and "my love is come to me".
    • Rhyme
      • Regular, alternate rhyme shceme adds to the perfect balance on the two stanzas.
    • Language
      • Possesive pronoun "my" appears frequently, as if love is a possession.
        • Shows that the poem is very slef centred.
      • "A  birthday" is emphasised as we usually say "the birthday".
        • "The" birthday of her life is something huge, its very important .


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