A Birthday

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  • A Birthday
    • Mood/Tone
      • positive tone
      • Joyful and celebrotory
    • Structure
      • 16 line form divides into two stanzas
      • Tone changes from stanza 1 & 2
      • Stanza 1: sounds like a love hymn
      • Stanza 2: Imperative speaker calls out orders to prepare a lavish celebration
    • Rhytm
      • Iambic tetrameter
      • words emphasised by rhythm
    • Imagery
      • Springtime and birthday connected to LIFE
        • The relatioship caused the poet to be reborn
      • Relationships can define us
    • Language
      • Speaker declares that her heart is gladder than all her images from natural world
        • Speaker makes ready to celebrate the love that makes her so happy with elaborate preportions
          • Silver/Gold speaks of value; silk,down,and fur speak of luxury this is of strong importance.She feels like a queen because of this


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