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During Wind and Rain
During Wind and Rain focuses heavily on the passing of time. Because you know...
life is short and we're all gonna be dead by stanza four...
Um... that's about it really it's just like a family going through life and then they're all
dead by the end. It's kind of depressing.
The title itself can be analysed! `During' ­ the first word you read before the poem
even starts tells you it's going to be about the importance of the passage of time.
Just so you know ;)
Key Themes
Okay so each stanza is a season. The poem is very much about the cycle of time in
that sense. It goes winter, spring, summer, autumn.
Hardy conveys the uncontrollable, inevitability of (life, but mostly) death here. By
contasting harmonious scenes and pairing with the idea of death and decay.
NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM DEATH - doesn't matter whether you're a junior, elder,
man or maiden, death don't discriminate
An example of genre of work know as MOMENTO MORI (latin, meaning `remember
you must die').
Rhyme structure: ABCBCDA. I haven't made any notes on the structure but I'll just
guess and you can put this into lovely English. SO. A is the start of the new season
and then the end of the season, carrying you into the next one like I said earlier. B
and C are during the season, the happy fun family parts. Then D comes in and it's
always something about `the years' because Hardy likes to reality check a lot and
remind you that every season is a season closer to your inevitable death. I'm not
really sure how to put that into good English though: There are five lines painting
a happy scene followed by two lines full of sadness and grief in juxtaposition
to the first half to starkly contrast the two emotions.
Whatever! ONTO THE POEM!
Stanza 1
They sing their dearest songs-- Alliteration at beginning of every stanza does bring
He, she, all of them--yea, attention to the beginning of the each new season.
Treble and tenor and bass, Family all singing together conveys harmony.
And one to play;
`Treble and tenor and bass'. None of us are even
slightly musically talented (except maybe Guj) so we
wouldn't get this. But basically they're different keys,
ranging from high to low I think (in the order they're

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This basically implies different generations
singing together, so it's the whole family come
together ­ children, adults, gross old prunes. It also
reminds us of the aging process in that sense. Oh and
they're probably singing carols because this is winter.
With the candles mooning each face... `Candles mooning each face' Connotations of
Ah, no; the years O! Christmas and winter
How the sick leaves reel down in throngs! `An, no; the years O! The spell is broken because Hardy
is a dickhead.…read more

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While pet fowl come to the knee. . . . Violence emphasised by the alliteration of the 'r's, and the
Ah, no; the years O! fury in 'ript' conveys the suddenness of the "attack"
And the rotten rose is ript from the wall.
Stanza 4
They change to a high new house, `High' suggests they are moving up in the world.…read more


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