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During Wind and Rain

During Wind and Rain focuses heavily on the passing of time. Because you know...
life is short and we're all gonna be dead by stanza four...
Um... that's about it really it's just like a family going through life and then they're all
dead by…

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written). This basically implies different generations
singing together, so it's the whole family come
together ­ children, adults, gross old prunes. It also
reminds us of the aging process in that sense. Oh and
they're probably singing carols because this is winter.

With the candles mooning each face... `Candles mooning…

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While pet fowl come to the knee. . . . Violence emphasised by the alliteration of the 'r's, and the
Ah, no; the years O! fury in 'ript' conveys the suddenness of the "attack"
And the rotten rose is ript from the wall.
Stanza 4

They change to a high…


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