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No Buyers
A Street Scene
Haha great more Hardy...
?????????? There is no real context to this shit, it's just a depressing story Hardy
decides to tell through poem form about the sad endless cycle of his characters
never selling anything, probably like the sad endless cycle of life,…

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why because I don't think it's the slightest bit funny so YOU ARE NOT
This is the least metaphorical Hardy poem, it doesn't really have any secret
meaning other than just that sad Old Family are sad. Guj and I did intuitively

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- Emphasised by alliteration,
suggests mental and physical
exhaustion. It sounds like the kind
of movement the horse would do ­
the man is worked like a horse.
`Shambling' comes from `shambles',
At a slower tread than a funeral train, meaning an untidy mess, reinforcing
the idea Old Family are…

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pulled by it. It seems feeble and

- Verge is normally used in a different
context, giving the impression they
are on the verge of giving up on
The woman walks on the pavement - Part of the same sentence on
verge, another line representing the
physical gap…

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Evidence for it is littered throughout the poem as well.
I mean in the first line alone they're selling cradles. It must be that they spent what
little money they had on things in preparation for Old Baby and now they've lost the
baby AND the money, so they're trying…


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