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No Buyers
A Street Scene
Haha great more Hardy...
?????????? There is no real context to this shit, it's just a depressing story Hardy
decides to tell through poem form about the sad endless cycle of his characters
never selling anything, probably like the sad endless cycle of life, reminding you of
the inevitability of your death, looming ever fucking closer.
Actually though, this was an early stage in his career and, like, he wasn't even that
depressed at this point, nobody actually knows why he was writing gloomy crap like
this, I reckon he's just a boring pessimistic person.
Basically I think blue unicorn from
Charlie the Unicorn sums Hardy
up best.
Our couple who I name Old Man and Old Woman (haha straight people am I right?)
are walking through the streets with Old Pony (who behaves a lot like Old Man),
trying to sell their old shit. Things must be super dire because they've probably
scraped out every last thing from their home they can possibly sell. Poor wrinkly
oldies... Hardy has empathy for the poor though, maybe this is a tribute.
Key Themes
Sombre mood. (In Guj's notes, she just wrote `TRAGIC')
A long, slow journey, emphasised with long lines and sentences because the
reader takes a long time to read it.
That's basically it, it's just sad. Hardy helps convey it through pathetic fallacy
and their slow movements and he's not even subtle about it.
Some people think it's got comedic undertones, but Guj and I think that's just
nasty people laughing at Old Family. It's not very nice!! Like they're having a
really upsetting desperate time, and they're stuck in this gloomy cycle of going
through the streets trying to sell whatever they can day after day and not
managing to sell anything. Maybe the reason people aren't buying from them
is because they're too busy being little shits laughing at this poor couple! Like
wtf? I mean, if you really think it's funny you can write it but you'd better justify

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I don't think it's the slightest bit funny so YOU ARE NOT
This is the least metaphorical Hardy poem, it doesn't really have any secret
meaning other than just that sad Old Family are sad.…read more

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Emphasised by alliteration,
suggests mental and physical
exhaustion. It sounds like the kind
of movement the horse would do ­
the man is worked like a horse.
`Shambling' comes from `shambles',
At a slower tread than a funeral train, meaning an untidy mess, reinforcing
the idea Old Family are untidy.
- So extreme in slow pace, it's slower
While to a dirge-like tune he chants than a procession following a coffin.
his wares, Sluggish rhythm, feels lifeless.…read more

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It seems feeble and
- Verge is normally used in a different
context, giving the impression they
are on the verge of giving up on
The woman walks on the pavement - Part of the same sentence on
verge, another line representing the
physical gap between Old Man and
Old Woman.
Parallel to the man:
- There isn't a direct description of
the woman, we hear about her via
She wears an apron white and wide in her apron.…read more

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Evidence for it is littered throughout the poem as well.
I mean in the first line alone they're selling cradles. It must be that they spent what
little money they had on things in preparation for Old Baby and now they've lost the
baby AND the money, so they're trying to sell whatever they can, not only to try and
make their money back, but to remove any reminder of their lost child.…read more


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