A complaint - William Woodsworth

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  • A Complaint
    • Past
      • 'A fountain at my fond heart's door'
        • Love is flowing - never ending like a fountain
      • 'heed'....'need'
        • Rhyming couplets --> repetitive thoughts
      • 'What happy moments did i count!'
        • Joy
      • 'Now, for that consecrated fount'
        • Tonal shift
        • 'consecrated' = holy/sacred
    • Present
      • 'hidden well'
        • the 'fountain' stops flowing --> (love) is hidden "underground"
      • 'well of love'
        • 'still' love --> all the love is there, but it isn't flowing anymore.
      • 'I trust it is'
        • Desperate to believe in love
      • 'never dry'
        • The love is being constantly replenished, even if he doesn't know it
      • 'What matter? if the waters sleep'
        • Love doesn't matter unless you can see it
    • Context
      • Best friends
      • End of friendship
      • Separating


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