A Complaint

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  • A Complaint- William Wordsworth
    • Context
      • One of the pioneers of the Romantic movement
      • Themes of nature and high emotion
      • Written about him and Coleridge
    • Structure/ Form
      • ABABCC ryhme scheme
      • Rhetorical questions, "What have I? shall I dare to tell?"
      • Use of hyphens create a pause for effect and make it more conversational
      • "Of mumuring, sparkling, living love"- power of 3, emphasis created
      • Repetition of "poor" - lack of friendship has made him poor, bookends the poem
    • Imagery/ Language
      • Metaphors (extended one of water)
        • "A fountain at my fond hearts door" - door also suggests it can be opened (loving and public)
        • "A comfortless and hidden well." - secrecy and privacy
      • "Blest was I then.. for that consecrated bread"- religious imagery, christianity was an important backdrop to literature
    • Compare to
      • End of a relationship- Neutral Tones
      • Unrequited love- La Belle Dame Sans Merci
      • Regret- My Father Would Not Show Us
    • Tone/ Mood
      • Pathos- sad and depressed
      • Selfish - doesn't consider the other person
      • Helpess - A victim of unrequited affection?


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