7 Key factors needed to make a great daycare

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  • 7 key factors needed to make a great day care centre.
    • Low child to staff ratio
      • The NICHD study found that staff could provide sensitive care only if the ratios were as low as 3:1
    • Minimal Staff Turnover
      • When there is minimal staff turnover this makes children feel more secure. When staff come and go children may fail to form attachments or be upset when staff leave
    • Sensitive Care
      • The NICHD study found that 23% of staff have highly sensitive care, 50% gave moderately sensitive care and 20% were emotionally deatched
    • Qualified staff
      • The higher the qualifications, particularly of the manager of the centre, the sociable and happy the children are.
    • A structured day
      • Good quality care should involve a structure with free time and some structured activities such as drawing. Routine helps children feel safe/
    • Stimulation
      • There need to be lots of toys, looks and interactions.
    • Verbal interaction
      • Regular conversation helps cement relationships.


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