4.9 - God revealed through miracles

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  • 4.9 - God revealed through miracles
    • Jesus' resurrection
      • This miracle is a central belief to C's
      • Demonstrates that Jesus is God incarnate, has a power over death
    • Examples of miracles in the Bible
      • Parting of the Red Sea (Exodus)
        • Allowed Israelites to flee from slavery in Egypt
      • Healed people of Leprosy
      • Calming the storm
        • Shows power over the natural world
          • Healed people of Leprosy
    • Many C's believe God still performs miracles today - reveals his power and love for humanity
    • When Jesus performs miracles, are acts of compassion, involve healing or meeting someone's needs
    • Alternative view
      • Argue God revealed himself through Jesus, then finally Bible, so unnecessary for miracles
      • May believe that miracles could be random and even immoral


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